Well, it would seem winter is well and truly here, along with some rather frigid temperatures and bone-dry air in many parts of the country. At Katavi, we’re all about making the most of every season, so we thought we’d share our favourite wintertime stress busters for you AND your skin. Here are a few unexpected ways to get your zen back this season:

1. Boost your immune system by cuddling
No kidding! We all like a good cuddle, but did you know that it has actually been scientifically proven that a nice spooning session with your partner (or kids!) can improve your immunity to nasty wintertime bugs?

2. Develop a taste for sauerkraut
Fermented foods like sauerkraut and kombucha are great for breeding healthy gut bacteria. Studies have found that beneficial bacteria have a direct effect on brain chemistry, transmitting mood-regulating signals to our brain via your nervous system. Not too keen on German cuisine? Eat some plain, full-fat Greek yogurt with live cultures to achieve the same results.

3. Get into yoga (5 minutes per day is plenty!)
We know you’ve heard it a thousand times, but yoga (and gentle stretching in general) is really, really good for you. It keeps your joints supple and it’s very relaxing, which in turn is good for your state of mind and general well-being. Best of all – you don’t even have to go to a yoga studio to do it. You can download an app and do it in the comfort of your own living room, kitchen, office or even outside in the garden when you have a moment. All you need is five minutes!

4. Meet up with some friends
Scientists and sociologists have been researching Blue Zones – places on earth that consistently produce more centenarians (people who live over the age of 100) than other regions. They’ve found a whole bunch of common denominators that allow people to live longer, one of which is a sense of community. Isolation causes stress, so stay healthy and happy by connecting with those around you.

5. Feed that thirsty skin!
If your skin is feeling particularly thirsty and stressed out, we highly recommend that you treat it to some Katavi Miracle Hydration Oil. This unique formulation contains antioxidant-rich marula oil that will leave your skin feeling plump, supple, velvety and soft to the touch.

Get this – the reason a cuddle feels so good is because your body is releasing a feel-good hormone called oxytocin, which in turn causes your body to secrete hormones that help to fight infection!

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