We all start off the New Year with great aspirations for doing better and being better and there is no reason at all why we cannot start with treating ourselves better. As the saying goes- you cannot pour from an empty cup. So here are our 7 top tips for topping up your own tank in 2019 –


  1. GIVE UP – Not in the way you think, but start to look at how you spend your time each day and how much is really necessary or could be delegated. Give up control of things you really don’t have to be doing yourself and allow others to help. You would be amazed at how capable your spouse or kids really are.
  2. JUST SAY NO – How many times a day do you wish you could say “No, I don’t have time”, or “No, this isn’t in my best interest” yet we find ourselves quickly assisting someone or completing a task we really don’t have time or energy for – and the consequence is that we sacrifice something else which is important, in order to do it. If a request is not urgent or you really do not have the time (or energy) – it is ok to say NO.
  3. CAN IT BE DONE ONLINE? Tech and online time has its uses, if you could pay a bill or do your shopping online how much time could this save you in a week/month? Have a look at your weekly tasks and see how many of them you are able to automate or at least process more efficiently online.
  4. MAKE A 15MIN LIST – List all the tasks you never get around to, but which take 15min or less. Now when you find yourself with a few minutes – pick on and tick it off – you would be amazed at the sense of achievement as you see that list shrink. P.S: Take 15 minutes quickly and make your 15-minute list!
  5. TECH-FREE TIME – We have all heard this mantra over and over when it comes to our kids, but even as adults we can find ourselves scrolling mindlessly, sucked into the wormhole of social media and before we know it hours have passed. Keep tech to functional uses (work, online tasks or shopping that make your day easier, dedicated time to catching up on social when you must – with limits) but remember to allow yourself time to unplug.
  6. PHONE A FRIEND – Making time for yourself also means making time for those who are important and who help you fill your cup… even if it’s a quick coffee date or a phone call. Check in with friends. It is so easy to get disconnected when we surround ourselves with busyness.


“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another:

‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

-C.S. Lewis


  1. SCHEDULE ‘ME TIME‘ – Prioritise time in your week for something which you are passionate about – a pottery class, a walk with a friend or even an hour of quiet time in the library can be just what you need to refill your cup. According to the clever folk at com dedicated me time can help you reboot your brain, increase productivity, helps us to (finally) unwind, and even allows you the time for some self discovery. Cool huh? Make it a non-negotiable slot and remember to focus on quality of time rather than quantity here (source). We get so used to being there for everyone else, so be gentle with yourself as you learn to put yourself first for these moments of time.


Here’s to doing what makes you glow, inside and out in 2019!

As the saying goes- you cannot pour from an empty cup.

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