Are you ready for summer?

Summer is upon us and along with long days on the beach and at the pool, our Southern Hemisphere sun can also catch us on our daily errands, at the sports field or while enjoying lunch with friends. This change of season can take its toll on our skin. Here’s Katavi Co-Founder, Carolyn’s, top 5 hacks to help your skin get through summer-

Sooth the Sunburn:

If you find you have over done it in the sun, treat your skin with our Kigelia Booster Serum followed by our Intensive Night Cream (or body lotion for larger areas), which contains a higher % of our active ingredient Kigelia. This combination will immediately hydrate, cool, calm and soothe your skin. Follow up with the Katavi Body Lotion for overall moisturizing.

Cracked cuticles and dry skin patches:

Split cuticles can be painful, as can excessively dry patches of skin. If you find you are suffering from broken, dry skin, our hydrating balm provides added moisture locked in with beeswax. Don’t be fooled by the name, this little “Lip Balm” packs a soothing punch for more than your lips. Formulated with 20% Shea butter combined with a host of wonderful highly active, hydrating and calming African ingredients.

Irritated, red itchy skin patches:

Red, inflamed skin, there are many reason we can break out in angry red skin patches and these can be especially uncomfortable if they are on our face. Start with one or two days using our Tiisa Eye Cream – it contains no fragranced oils so it’s perfect for very sensitive areas requiring some TLC. (It’s gentleness is why it’s a perfect eye cream but also ideal for over-sensitive skin areas.) Follow up with our Kigelia Booster Serum and the Intensive Night Cream for the extra Kigelia boost – Kigelia is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial.

Teenage skin breakouts:

A teenagers schedule is busy, add to this daily sports and the penchant for immediately collapsing onto a couch, it is understandable that their skincare routine may not be ideal. Add sweat into the mix and oh boy, their skin could do with some extra summer love. We have found that a weekly enzymatic peel is mild enough to clear dead skin cells and deep cleanse pores, making it much easier to control breakouts and manage them.

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