With natural skincare ranges growing in popularity amongst conscientious shoppers mindful of what goes onto their bodies, we chat to our Katavi co-founder, Carolyn Berman about the ins and outs of developing a natural skincare product.

Having decided to go the ‘natural route’ with Katavi products nearly two decades ago, Carolyn has an intimate knowledge of the processes involved – especially for brands adhering to international safety and quality standards. While Katavi’s natural ingredients are harvested in Africa (an initiative which empowers the local women who pick and forage the fruits), the extraction process happens in laboratories around the world. Efficacy tests are run in Germany and UK.

Did you know? On top of all that, Katavi’s products are FDA compliant – an intensive process where even the before and after photos submitted are heavily scrutinized to check for photo manipulation or tampering.

Developing a natural skincare product is so much more than mixing together a base cream and some essential oils, says Carolyn.
“Having the clinical trials to back our product claims is a huge for us. I can stand up in a room full of some of the world’s biggest skincare brands and vouch for Katavis integrity – from our ingredients to our extraction processes, we’ve done our homework.”

Carolyn’s point about the extraction process is a biggie, and one often overlooked in the natural skincare industry in South Africa.
“Often the focus is just on ingredients, and that’s something we’re very transparent about – our ingredient lists are even available on our website. However the method of extraction is just as vital if we’re looking at clean products. Some brands labeled natural use ingredients that have been radurised or irradiated for example. We use a non-alcoholic process more along the lines of a homeopathic extraction. We want to ensure that the ingredients we use are not only natural, but that they are still active and performing their function by the time you use them. All our products contain a very high percentage of active ingredients and therefore show noticeable results within a short period of time.”

It comes back to the marriage of nature and science for Katavi – ensuring that premium, quality, active ingredients deliver results whilst caring for and nourishing skin. As the natural skincare industry continues to develop, Carolyn and Katavi look forward to educating prospective customers about the importance of not only ingredient lists, but the science behind ethical skincare.

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